About Us

Musette AS, the founder of I have been there®, is one of Norway´s foremost designer company and supplier of quality badges. We are very well established inside Norwegian music environment, where we have 600 wind orchestras as regular customers covering not only their needs for medals, but also through our Musette® music jewelry collection in silver and gold. But we do indeed also have many other range of customers spread throughout the country, among them many faculties at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, some of the foremost sports events in Norway, the Norwegian Defend Forces, and customers who are in demand of special design development. Musette® is a label which offers the highest level inside the branch we represent. Read more about us at www.musette.no

I have been there® is a concept of its own but fully owned by Musette a/s. Through the concept idea we want to act in the same spirit and tradition we already widely are recognized for. I have been there® is supported by Innovation Norway (Norwegian Government). You can expect a continuously expanding of the concept, which will have new destinations added on a regular base.. The design development is of greatest importance to us, as you can see with the I have been there® fabulous badge, which go through the same manufacturing process as a jewelry product, which for each destination takes many many hours to finish. This in addition to the other products related to the destination.

You will always find updated information at www.ihavebeenthere.net

Please contact us if you have a special favourite destination you want to be included in I have been there®. Please note that only destinations which require personal physical effort or have a special exotic character may be included.

Musette AS
VAT: 999 337 589
Adress: Godalsvn 28, N-5355 Knarrevik
Telephone: 00 47 56 33 30 23
Mobile: 00 47 900 48 872