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The I have been there® app is made for those who like to travel to destinations which can be physicaly demanding and for people who want to have a verification that they have achieved the destination. Mountains like Galdhøpiggen, Trolltunga, Preikestolen are good examples of the destinations included in I have been there®.

IMPORTANT: The app which is free of charge, must be downloaded before reaching the destination. GPS function has to be be activated.


When you are inside the destination area, the app gives you a verification signal in addition to the exact time and date for when the destination has been reached. The app also automatically generates a code which communicates directly with our webshop

Verification product line

A green signal from the app entitles you to purchase the fabulous I have been there® badge. The badge is only available in verified edition and can be ordered via the app, in our webshop, or at selected tourist offices.

The badge includes written verification (on dedicated area) that you have reached the destination with name, date and time.

Other products like T shirts, caps, plaques and others are available in two versions:

  1. Verified (like the badge), but only available at our webshop

  2. Not verified (without name, date and time). Available at our webshop and in selected tourist offices.

Check our website where you will find both versions!

NOTE: A green signal from the app entitles you to purchase verification products only for the actual destination the app verifies.

In other words, if you have been at Preikestolen you cannot purchase products for Trolltunga and vice versa. Simply explained, you must have been to each of the places…

The I have been there® badge

is made of outsought materials and in Musette® quality which you will recognize the moment you keep it in your hands (weight 28 gr). The badge can been ordered directly from the app once you have a green signal. The other products from the webshop.

I have been there® Service Centers

Some of the destinations have service centers or tourist offices connected, for instance Juvasshytta (Galdhøpiggen mountain). You can also purchase the I have been there® badge after (with a green signal from the app) you return from the destination. They have the equipment to issue the verification needed.

You will find an updated list of service centers or tourist offices at the Destination Page at


Launched spring 2016, you will soon find an increasing amount of destinations inside the I have been there®. For all destinations, physical effort is an important part of the concept in combination of achieving an exotic destination. In short, I have been there…