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  • Trolltunga

    Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway.
    Latitude: 60.1329 Longitude: 6.754
  • Preikestolen

    PREIKESTOLEN, "The Pulpit Rock", listed one of the world's most spectacular platforms by Lonely Planets and CNN GO travel magazine. Elevation: 604 m.a.s.l.
    Latitude: 58.9874 Longitude: 6.1887
  • Kjerag

    The mountainside that swoops vertically to the fjord below is an impressive sight from the deck of a boat.
    Latitude: 59.0336 Longitude: 6.5928
  • Galdhøpiggen

    Galdhøpiggen is the trip for those who want enjoy the view from Norway's highest peak.
    Latitude: 61.6364 Longitude: 8.3124
  • Flørlitrappene

    Flørli is a roadless hamlet serviced by four ferries per day. It lies deep into the spectacular Lysefjord, close to the Kjerag bigwalls.
    Latitude: 59.0079 Longitude: 6.4477
  • Gaustatoppen

    Gaustatoppen is the highest mountain in the county Telemark in Norway. The view from the summit is impressive.
    Latitude: 59.8541 Longitude: 8.6491
  • Besseggen

    Besseggen is probably Norways most popular mountain hike attracting several thousand hikers every year
    Latitude: 61.5016 Longitude: 8.7211

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